Echolink, EQSO, Echostation, SSTV, WEFAX, PSK-31 and Other Digital Sound Card Modes


Board Features:

1. PLUG & PLAY (Cables other than power cable supplied by the user). All Connectors on the rear panel of the Interface.

2. Adjustable Radio Mic Audio and Computer Mic Audio from the front panel.

3. Built in Power Plug!!

4. Built in Serial Port Connector!!!

5. Works great on Echolink, EQSO and other VOIP Systems. Software switchable setting for RTS or DTR.

6. Operates On All Sound Card Modes.

7. COS or VOX operation. COS Voltage transition user selectable through Hyperterminal.

8. Available in shielded heavy duty enclosure with LED indicators for Power, Activity, PTT TX and DTMF.

9. Comes Assembled or in Kit Form.

10. Simple easy design to build! Only 2 IC's!!! Can be assembled in less than an hour. Proven technology.

11. Programmable Timeout Timer through Hyperterminal and future stand alone software.

12. In Line audio transfer from the RX audio Out through the ECHOLINK Board to the Microphone In of the Computer!!

13. On Board highly reliable Touchtone Decoder.

14. Proper double sided PCB with a solid groundplane on the top, which avoid RF pick up you often get with cheaper single sided versions.

15. Operates off of 9-15V. Power connector and wire supplied. Power can be connected + center or - center.

16. "D" Touchtone produces a remote momentary trigger of your link for distance chyecking.

17. Board comes complete with instructions for easy set up.

18. Available in a kit, partial kit or fully constructed. Parts such as the PC board alone, Pic Chips and DTMF decoder are available separately. Credit card is accepted. Click here for details.

19. Through Board audio transfer which reduces the need for a Y connector.





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Last Updated 3-8-16